Social Design – for taking your feeds to the next level

Social media is one of the best marketing tools you’ll ever get your hands on, so you need to make it count. If you’re ready to get your socials looking as professional as you are, I’m here to pull the whole thing together.

Social Media Design

If you're already managing your social profiles and feel confident with your content, but need help with the aesthetic side of things, this is the perfect option for you.

I’ll get your brand set up on Canva, create a library of easy-to-use templates, and show you how to use them – allowing you to confidently create consistently branded and beautiful content each week!

Canva Brand Setup

I'll get your brand setup on Canva* so you have instant access to all your colours, logos and fonts . Then i'll start you off with a few square post templates to get your feeding look like a pro!

Total price: £150

*Canva pro subscription required.

Post Design Package

This package is perfect for those who have plenty of content to post but want their feed and stories looking beautifully consistent.

  • 6x Square post templates

  • 3x Story templates

  • 5x Highlight Icons

Total price: £400

Carousel Package

Always wondered how people get their images looking so seamless and flowing beautifully? It's likely that they've design a carousel for their Instagram and LinkedIn feeds. This package will get you set up with multiple different carousel templates you can easily update and use on a regular basis!

3x Carousel Templates (4 pages per carousel)

Total price: £300

Regular Social Design Support

If you're a whizz at writing content for your social media but would prefer not to touch the design side of things then this package will suit you to a tee! I will support you on a monthly basis and design your custom branded social graphics inline with your content calendar.

  • 5 posts per month  - £100

  • 10 posts per month - £180

Take a look at some of the social media grids i've help to level up!

Contact Gab

P: + 44 (0)7444 190199   

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Located in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury. Working with businesses locally in the UK and globally.

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