Make an IMPACT and build relationships with your audience.

Let's get serious about social

Our most popular social media package takes the pressure off you and keeps your social content moving on the daily! This package will help you build your community and exposure across your platforms, we'll speak with you on a regular basis to discuss ideas and encourage you to post on your stories. Basically we'll be a sounding board for marketing your business.

Maintain and update three social media channels
This includes:

  • Monthly content brainstorm/discussion
  • Monthly content calendar
  • Graphic design
  • Copy-writing support
  • Publishing/scheduling of posts
  • 2-3 weekly branded posts
  • Facebook cover design updated quarterly
  • Regular WhatsApp & email support
  • Relevant hashtags

Price: from £250 per month

Let's get started on social

This social media package will get you and your feed looking like a pro. If you're already managing your social and confident with your content but need help with the aesthetic side of things then this is the perfect option for you! 

This includes:

  • Canva account set up including adding the below
    • Colour palette
    • Logos
    • Fonts
  • Design of 5x Canva template for you to use (are re-use) across social media channels
  • Design of cover image for Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn
  • One hour call to go through any questions or advice you need regarding social media
  • Recommended Canva Pro Account - £10.99/mo or £100/annum (clients cost)

One-off cost: £200

Download our social media packages brochure

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