Top 4 Mistakes we see with DIY Websites

Building your own website has never been easier, there is a plethora of DIY platforms available and some at a very low cost.

It’s great! Especially if you want to throw something together quickly and get your business started.

But there are some mistakes that we see often with DIY websites:

🎨 Branding – Branding is much more than your logo, it includes your fonts, colour palette and complimentary elements. Unfortunately, many DIY websites end up using too many different fonts and inconsistent colours.

Stick to 2-3 fonts that are easy to read and if you don’t have a colour palette for your branding do some research online for colours that work well together and stick to 2 or 3 across the entire website.

📰 Too much content – We’re all told content is king, but there’s also such a thing as too much. A lot of DIY sites have too much content on their pages which make it cluttered and difficult to read.

Keep your design clean and include a nice amount of white space around your content to break it up. Remember that less can sometimes be more – bullet points and strong headings are a great way to break down your copy.

📱Mobile responsive – A lot of DIYers create their website on a desktop and then forget to format for mobile. Not only does it end up looking bad, but Google penalises websites that aren’t mobile responsive.

Remember to switch to mobile view to check that everything is aligned and formatted correctly. You might have to spend some time tweaking but it will be worth it!

📸 Using Stock Images - Your website needs to reflect your business, tell it's story and connect your customers with you. Stock photos prevent you from showing off what makes you, you!

If you don’t have the budget for a branding photo shoot you’ll be amazed what your phone camera can achieve. In fact there are many photographers out there who offer courses on capturing incredible brand images with your phone.