Our brand colours explained

Believe it or not, colours have a powerful impact on our emotions.

Which is why choosing your brand colours might be more important than you think.

Have you ever wondered why SALES tags always seem to be RED?... The colour red has been shown to reduce critical thinking and speed up our reactions. Crazy right! ⛔️

For us at Gab it's really important to us that we're seen as trustworthy and professional but also approachable and friendly. Take a look at the psychology of our brand colours and how they help convey this.

Blue is the colour of trust and is a popular colour of choice for businesses. It's also a relaxing colour that is said to be calming and peaceful

For us this was really important because one of our biggest values at Gab is for our clients to trust us and feel at ease knowing we can take care of their marketing and design needs.

Turquoise is also a calming colour but is said to bring clarity and aid creativity. Plus it's said to be the colour of communication! As you can imagine this ticks all the boxes for us - we aim to improve our clients communication with their audience and their team while also helping them bring out their creative sides. 

And of course, Pink! At Gab we're proud to be a female run business FULL of optimism and kindness. But one of our biggest superpowers is our intuition. We get to know our clients well and because of this we have a real feel(ing) for what they like, need and want.