A Luxury Website for Saffron Hair

We're so excited to launch Saffron Hair's NEW website! ✂️

This year Saffron Hair embarked on a total brand overhaul, they redecorated their beautiful salon, had their brand refreshed and a now fresh new website that we proudly built.

When we met with Saffron's salon owner - Theresa, she had a vision for Saffron's website and that was for it to scream 'opulence', which with their beautiful emerald green and gold colour palette was easy to achieve. When you jump onto the new website now it reflects Theresa's personality and taste perfectly.

They also have an online store which is regularly used so it needed to be easy for both the team and customers to use - so we knew Rocketspark would be the perfect fit.

We've already seen wonderful comments from Saffron clients about how beautiful the website, which is music to our ears!

We can't wait to see how it improves their sales process and ability to share blogs with their customers 💚

Click here to view the new website!