Ooo templates, I can do that!

A design refresh for Accountit-4U

When Jane first reached out to us about her website the first comment she made was "you can probably tell I'm one of those that thought - oooh templates, i can do that!". In all fairness we thought Jane was being much too hard on herself but we could definitely see there was a lot of potential to take her website to the next level.

Jane was worried the website felt chunky and handmade so she handed us over the keys and we got to work on redesigning her website. Before we began we decided to give her branding just a little touch up by reworking the colours and changing the fonts, we also created some nifty sub-icons for Jane to use across her social media.

Having a pre-built website with content ready to go made this a really fun job. We started off by using Jane's refreshed branding to update the website's colour palette and then chose a more clean-cut and sophisticated font.

Once we'd settled on the layout and feel for the homepage we worked this across the website and also made some tweaks to the content and adding/removing some pages.

The Accounit-4U website now looks professional and clean-cut but we've kept the friendly and approachable feel that resonates with Jane and her clients. We broke down the content into smaller chunks so it's easy to read and not overwhelming to look at. So now as soon as you jump on the website you're able to know exactly what Accountit-4U does and how they can help you. 

You can view the full website here: www.accountit-4u.co.uk

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