Goal Planning

​Goals don't have to be huge to make an impact!

The other night I set out my plans and goals for 2022. This is something I do each year but this year I split my goals up into personal and business.

My head has been swimming with ideas for Gab but I've found it hard to decide which direction to go in and what to aim for! So I've created goals that are going to help me make the bigger decisions further down the track.

Here's some of mine:

⬆ Build my business community
⬆ Overhaul my services
⬆ Develop a strategy for the year
⬆ Read a marketing blog/watch a video 2x a week
⬆ Commit to a minimum of 2 Instagram stories a week

Some of these are really small and simple but finding time to do them has proved hard. I personally don't think goals need to be huge, making small adjustments can make a big impact.