Building the Infinity Multi-Sports Brand

We've been lucky enough to create Infinity Multi-Sport's new branding and website for the launch of its children's sports clubs in Folkestone.

When we started working with company owner Charlie his brief was build a brand that spoke to parents and children. Bright colours, bold imagery, and most importantly an easy-to-use website and online booking system.
His branding had to be multifaceted; as well as being appealing and eye caching, it also had to incorporate elements that could be used on branded clothing and merchandise. We created a brand element (think of the Nike tick) that will become a recognisable icon used across all marketing. When his customers see it they will immediately think ‘Infinity Multi-Sports’.
After the branding was complete, we began work on Charlie’s website. Using strong headings and imagery we were able to ensure people knew exactly what Infinity Multi-Sports is all about and how to find what they’re looking for, whilst staying slick and professional. We also took account of the wording used across the site to assist with SEO - we needed to ensure the terms people used to search for the services Charlie offers, were included in the website copy. 
We were over the moon when Charlie saw it and said, "I'm blown away!". We couldn't ask for better feedback!
Since launch we have supported Charlie with his social media and email newsletters. As well as looking fantastic, Infiniti Multi-Sport’s marketing has achieved the results we and Charlie set out reach. Charlie has run two fully-booked holiday camps and created a growing customer base which attend their multi-sport and football development clubs.

We’re so proud of the work we’ve carried out for Charlie. Helping business thrive is why Gab is in existence. 
Charlie said: “The Team at GAB are Incredible! They built my branding and website from absolute scratch and captured exactly what I was looking for; they really did bring my dream to life. They are extremely professional, down to earth & talked me through every step along the way, but most of all they poured so much passion into my project that it simply wouldn’t have been possible without them. I recommend GAB to absolutely everyone”