From scratch to launch – we’re extra proud of this one

Many times, when we start working with a client, they have a logo already in place and some initial branding created. We happily work with them and their existing brand to create their websites and marketing collateral, but there is nothing a designer loves more than getting to start from the absolute beginning when it comes to creating a brand. And that’s what we were able to do for our latest client - Cucopia.

The wonderful Sam Burrell approached us after we built her sister Max’s marketing collateral and website - Enigmax.co.uk. Sam had trained as a herbalist and naturopath and was already helping clients from a London location. She now wanted to create her own company and supporting brand to enable her to reach more clients and offer a wider range of services.

Sam came to us with a name, a strong idea of how she wanted to portray her fledgling company, and an idea to use a specific flower that has healing properties within her logo – apart from that she was very open to listening to our ideas and together we created an eye-catching brand for Cucopia which we couldn’t be prouder of.

Together we have created and logo, colour palette, business card, document templates including a letterhead, consultation forms, follow up forms and a label design. For Cucopia’s social media we have created cover designs, profile pictures a suite of templates for social media posts and have set Sam up on the Canva system which allows her to make changes to her designs moving forward.
We are proud to have set up Sam for success and she tells us that within just a few days of her website going live she had gained two new customers… we couldn’t be happier for Sam and her new company.