Building a brand as well as a great working relationship

There’s nothing we love more than building ongoing relationships with clients, so we were delighted when Rebecca, the wonderful owner of Lulu & Moon  got in touch to ask if we’d like to help with her website maintenance, content creation and social media.

We helped launch the website and few months ago and remained on hand to offer advice and guidance where we could. Rebecca did a great job managing her social media channels and website, but with her shop due to open today (yay) after having to close due to the COVID-19 crisis, she knew she would no longer have the time to dedicate to maintaining her brand-building and marketing activities, and that’s where we came in.   

We have now taken on the responsibility of updating her website, creating content for her social media channels, and strategically posting that content during the best possible times in order to maximise exposure.

Here at Gab we pride ourselves on being the marketing partner of our clients’ dreams and we’re proud to say that Lulu & Moon is already getting a fantastic response to these efforts. Our thanks go to Rebecca for trusting us to help, and here’s to a long and productive working relationship.