Communication via online technology, the #NewNormal?

Here at gab we’re proud to use the fantastic Rocketspark platform to develop and host the majority of our clients’ websites. We love working with these guys, not only because of the amazing platform, that we won’t bore you with the details of, but also because they deliver great customer service and support to us as developers.

Part of that service was due to be a Rocketspark Partners Day they were hosting in September, but sadly, due to #covid19, that event had been cancelled.
But, not to be stymied by the situation, Rocketspark has launched a series of webinars that have seen them share information on a range of exciting new features coming our way, plus up-skill attendees on SEO, e-commerce and much more.

From the comfort of our home offices, we’ve been able to learn a huge amounts about Rocketspark’s developments as well as connect with industry peers, something we were very much looking forward to doing at the original Partner’s Day.

Rocketspark and thousands of companies around the world have adapted to the #NewNormal way of working and we’re proud to say we’ve happily jumped on board too. Since the outbreak and travel restrictions being imposed, we have connected with five new clients and held discovery and working meetings online. Communication technology has been as invaluable to us as it is to Rocketspark. 

So, here’s a little shout out to Rocketspark, thank you for arranging these webinars and to our customers, thank you for being so understanding and continuing to put your trust in us to design, develop and launch your new websites as well as take care of your other marketing needs, even though we’ve not even met face to face.

If you would like guidance on staying in touch with your customers via communication technology such as #Skype, #Zoom and even #WhatsApp, drop us a line. We’d be happy to help.