4 FREE ways to research your audience

So, you have an idea of who your customers are but now you need to get accurate information and learn more about them.

Here's some FREE and EASY ways to learn more about your audience:

📞 Speak to your existing customers. Whether it is by the phone, email or surveys, don't be afraid to speak directly your customer base. Find out what they have in common, what their interests are and why they use your products or services. This will help you form segments within your audience.

📱 Social media insights. Take a look at your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter insights. Where are your followers located, what age group are they in, who else are the following? Dig deeper and analyse the comments and messages they are sending to you.

💻 Study your competition. Visit their website and social media. Take note of the language they use and how their audiences are interacting with them. TOP TIP: Take a look at their client testimonials - what is it their clients love about them?

💬 Join online groups and forums. Facebook is FULL of groups targeted to specific products, industries, locations, hobbies - the list goes on. Join the ones that relate to your business and take note of what questions people are asking. Is there a specific pain point you can fix? Are they excited about a new trend? What language are they using?

Truly knowing your audience is vital to your business, after all, if you don’t know what your customers want and need, how can you ensure you’re offering them the right products and services?

How do you research your audience?

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