Do you really know your audience?

Have you sat down and really thought about WHO your audience, or potential customers are? You'd be surprised how many businesses struggle to answer this question.

We recommend starting by creating personas - think of these as different group of potential customers.

These personas can help you develop targeted messages and campaigns that will be customised, and appeal, to your different audiences.

If you're not sure where to begin, below are some starter questions for you to consider. Use the questions to help define your audience, make sure you keep coming back to these questions because your audience and business are ALWAYS growing and evolving!

➡️ What age group(s) are they in?
➡️ Are they primarily male or female?
➡️ Are they married, single? Have children?
➡️ What challenges are they facing?
➡️ What type of content do they like?
➡️ What type of media do they follow?
➡️ What hobbies do they have?
➡️ Where are they located?

Save this post and keep your eyes peeled for our next steps in defining your audience.

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