Lockdown Lessons: What I've learnt from my local businesses

Throughout 2020 everyone showed a much stronger support for their small and local shops. For me personally I noticed such a massive difference in how I was shopping and what I was connecting with.

I wanted to support my local businesses by purchasing from them but I also felt excited for them when I saw all their successes. I began to feel a part of them and their community (Like an ambassador almost).

Businesses were sharing other businesses news and products/services and it felt like the high street was almost coming back to life... but online.

I believe there is so much to learn from this rollercoaster we’ve all been on over the last year (and now still). So here’s some of the insights I’ve taken from my local businesses and how they stay successful:

❤️ They absolutely love what they do
❤️ They believe in their business 100%
❤️ They want to talk and connect with their customers on a personal level
❤️ They’re not afraid to share their struggles along with their successes
❤️ All of them have been willing to adapt however they can to keep their business alive
❤️ Many of them are the face of their business so customers form a loyalty to them as a person

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Have you learnt anything from your local businesses over the past year?

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